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PROMO Price: $19.95


  • Fun and cute beasties!
  • Meet Bub!
  • Relaxing beasty breaking.
  • Retro montezuma style!
  • Pat Poe, Hero wannabe!
  • Definitively unique game play!
  • Moody zombie hunting music!
  • The voice of Dan Gold! Be afraid!


The prince turned wannabe hero isn't the only cool piece of the game

At it's root, the game is something akin to a NES era adventure game such as Castlevania or Trojan (with graphics to match!), but instead of moving through the game as a platformer, you play your way through the dungeons and frightening levels (that are wonderfully creepy thanks to the tremendous voice acting!) from your position at the bottom of the screen.

There is also a puzzle mode that provides a good contrast and makes this game one that you will take HOURS to get through...and you'll enjoy every minute of it!

The spin feature for ball control is much appreciated and should be in more games!

The beauty of ZombieBall is...

...that it combines elements of an old school Montezuma's Revenge style game with BreakOut gameplay.

Music has a somewhat tribal feeling to it mixed in with the macabre feel that it lends itself well to, keeping the sounds fresh in the player's heads.

I won't hesitate to say that it's one of the best games of its genre I've played in years and it will addict even the most jaded of casual gamers.

A highly replayable game.

It's a fun twist...

Take the classic twitcher "Breakout", pump it up with terrific graphics, a story and colorful characters,and you have ZombieBall

WildSnake™ Arcade: ZombieBall

WildSnake(TM) Arcade: ZombieBall flyer


"Evil brought the dark to the Lands of Sunshine, beasties and monsters flooded the kingdom... only one hero stood to fight them off! Pat Poe, the Sunny Prince set out to the Dark Forest to find the mythical weapon known as the ZombieBall!"

Take a couple of hours off for some relaxing brick breaking, only this time it's not about the bricks! Now its about the beasties!


A mythical weapon has for ages been rumored to exist in the Dark Forest. Poe has by strange coincidences (having nothing to do with skill) aquired this weapon, it abides his every command with no will of its own, it's the ZombieBall! As you might guess, true to his wannabe Hero wishes, Poe sets out to kill all the beasties!


Kill all the beasties on each level by hitting them with the ZombieBall, dropping them down or by shooting them with magical rays or cannon balls. It's very fun and a good time spend! Seriously!

In addition to a pure Arcade mode the Salvation mode is offerd in which you have to puzzle a little to figure out how to save just enough beasties and not just kill them off.

Play beyond the demo!

  • Get over 200 levels of unlimited ZombieBall fun!
  • Help the Sunny Prince fight back the Evil of this world!
  • Battle through all 12 missions and locations!
  • Get access to 2 different game modes and 3 difficulty levels!
  • Go through more than 100 levels for every game mode!
  • Learn to fight against all 13 different beasties!
  • Use the power of 12 different bonus coins!
  • Get unlimited play!
  • Get the first place in the Official High Score list!
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System requirements

  • PC with 600 MHz equivalent or higher processor
  • Microsoft® Windows® 98/NT/Me/XP/2000 operating system or later
  • 32 MB of RAM
  • 30 MB available hard disk space
  • Microsoft DirectX® 3.0 or later
  • Microsoft DirectX® 3.0 compatible 1MB PCI video card capable of at least 640 x 480 Hi Color (16 bit) display
  • Microsoft Mouse or compatible pointing device
  • Microsoft DirectX® 3.0 compatible sound card (optional)
  • Microsoft DirectX® 3.0 compatible joystick or game pad (optional)

Top ZombieBall Arcade Highscores

Rank Nick Country Score Mission Level Difficulty Date
1 BuiQuangNguy enSAIGONvietnam 43,306,170 6 22 Hero 12/01/13
2 Dave T UK 41,447,880 6 22 Hero 06/09/15
3 TERRE HAUTE INDIANA 40,660,560 6 22 Hero 12/09/22
4 BuiQuangTiBa VIET NAM 39,802,950 6 22 Hero 06/02/13
5 cellis53 usa 39,206,430 6 22 Hero 07/04/26
6 Player WRLR canada 39,046,980 6 22 Hero 07/01/07
7 GERRIT Belgium 36,794,400 6 22 Hero 08/04/18
8 dolfijntje belgie 36,661,290 6 22 Hero 06/02/13
9 BETI ERREALA EUSKADI 36,423,390 6 22 Hero 07/07/02
10 randy usa 35,984,670 6 22 Hero 07/12/26
Complete listing

Top ZombieBall Salvation Highscores

Rank Nick Country Score Mission Level Difficulty Date
1 BuiQu NGUYEN VIETNAM-SAIGON 71,712,660 6 23 Hero 12/03/01
2 TERRE HAUTE INDIANA 36,081,960 6 23 Hero 14/05/14
3 BuiQuangTiBa VIETNAM 35,771,580 6 23 Hero 06/04/05
4 Feb 11/06 Canada 32,827,050 6 23 Hero 06/02/11
5 jean` uk 32,815,650 6 23 Hero 08/02/12
6 dolfijntje belgie 32,376,450 6 23 Hero 06/04/15
7 Tempting *U.S.A* 30,851,280 6 23 Hero 08/08/22
8 Bayard Virginia 27,588,210 6 17 Hero 17/09/22
9 MomofThree USA 24,464,080 6 23 Warrior 06/09/08
10 Player 1 usa 23,594,640 6 23 Warrior 07/02/02
Complete listing