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Manual for Alexey's Dwice

This is the online manual for Alexey's Dwice.

Avalanches are falling...

Our blue planet has frozen to ice... HELP!! Stop the avalanches from reaching the little houses at the foot of the mountains by destroying the ice blocks.

First time you start Dwice

The first time you start Dwice you'll be asked to enter your player name. All high scores you get will be shown using this name. You can always change your player name later. The game starts in full screen mode, but you can change to windowed mode by going into Options or pressing alt+enter.

Starting a new game

From the game's main menu select one of the game's two playing modes, Quest and Arcade. We recommend you start out with the Quest mode before moving on the Arcade mode!

Quest Mode

Go on a journey across the blue planet. You need to complete over 60 levels in the Quest Mode in order to unfreeze the blue planet and save the litte inhabitants. For each avalanche stopped the world becomes a warmer place to live in, and the inhabitants of the little houses at the foot of the mountain become ever so grateful!

To start a game in Quest Mode, select "Start Quest" from the game's main menu. You'll be presented with a map showing which levels you have completed so far. If this is your first time playing in Quest mode, just hit the START button to begin playing! You'll have to make your way through 60 levels and 9 different locations in order to save the planet and help everyone survive the avalanches!

If you have previously played the Quest mode, when starting a new Quest you will notice that all levels you have previously completed will be highlighted. You can choose to start a new Quest from any previously completed level. This gives you a chance to revisit your favourite levls or to just skip by some early levels you don't want to replay or to continue your Quest from where you.

Arcade Mode

Once you feel ready, try the Arcade Mode by selecting "Start Arcade" from the game's main menu. You'll be faced with a neverending series of more and more difficult avalanches. The longer you stay alive, the more difficult it gets, and the more points you get!

Playing Dwice

Don't worry, playing Dwice is easy! The game consists of a series of levels, at the start of each level you'll see three little houses at the foot of a mountain and an avalanche slowly approaching the little houses. Each time the avalanche reaches the houses one will be destroyed.

Destroy the avalanche before it destroys all three of the little houses at the foot of the moutain.

You'll see the inhabitants cheering you on as you struggle to save them!

But if one of their houses gets destroyed...

...they'll get annoyed and stop cheering. (You can make them happy again by picking up a house bonus though.)

Stopping the avalanche is easy. Destroy all the ice blocks as they move towards the houses. You destroy ice blocks by clicking on any two ice blocks of the same shape.

Destroying two ice blocks of the same color gives bonus points.

Be on the lookout for ice blocks containing bonuses. To catch a bonus you need to completly isolate the ice block containing the bonus by destroying all ice blocks near it.

At the end of each level you'll encounter a special end of level ice block, isolate and melt it to complete the level.

That's it! Get ready to play!

Level Results

At the end of each level you'll be presented with a status screen showing how well you did on the level.

The results shown for each level are:

  • Points How many points you got on the level.
  • Time How long it took you to complete the level.
  • Bonuses How many bonuses you collected on the level.
  • Combo Highest combo multiplier you accumulated on the level.

In addition to your results on the level, the best results for the level will also be shown. If you set any new level records those will be shown in yellow.

Pausing the game

Simply click the MENU button located in the lower left of the game at any time during the game to pause it. If you play the game in windowed mode you can click anywhere outside the game window to pause the game.

Saving a game in progress and continuing a saved game

If you choose to quit a game in progress, your progress will automatically be saved. The next time you start a game you'll be given the option to continue your previous game.

Main Menu

From the game's main menu you can, besides starting new games, select active player and access additional features.


Selecting Options in the main menu (and in the in-game menu) allows you to configure the following options:

Sound Volume

Music Adjusts music volume.
Effects Adjusts effects volume.

Graphics Options

Full Screen If checked, the game will run in full screen mode. If left unchecked the game will run in a window on your desktop. You can also press alt+enter at any time to switch between full screen and windowed mode.
Custom Cursors Uses a custom cursor instead of the standard windows cursor.
3D Accelerated Turns on off usage of your graphic card's 3D Acceleration.

Changing Players

Access the Select Player dialouge by clicking the text "Click to change player." found at the top of the game's main menu. Within the Select Player dialouge you can select which player is to be the active player as well as rename, add and delete existing players. To add a new player, simply click an <EMPTY> player and type in a name. Click the OK button when you are done.

The active player's name will be displayed at the top of the main menu. Scores and game progress will be saved for the active player.


Until you've registered the game an option named Register will also be shown in the game's main menu, selecting it allows you to register the demo version of the game and unlock the full version. Please see the Order Howto and the WildSnake Store for more information on ordering WildSnake Software games .

Playing tips

  • Use a collected bonus at any time by clicking its icon on the right side of the playfield.
  • Make the avalanche move faster by clicking any empty space in the playfield or by pressing SPACE.
  • Try to isolate and melt an ice block if you don't see a matching pair for it.
  • Try to isolate the Big Fire bonus to destroy all visible ice blocks.
  • Use the Fire Line to quickly destroy all ice blocks at the front of the avalanche.
  • Use the Ice Axe to quickly destroy any one ice block of your choice.
  • Click an ice block to select it, click it again or anywhere outside the playfield to unselect it.


Points are awarded whenever a pair of ice blocks are destroyed and at the end of each level.

The best way to get really high scores is by doing lots of combos. There are four different types of combos.

Combo Name Example Multiplier Awarded
Combo Awards a x1 multiplier.
Color Combo + Awards a x3 multiplier.
Shape Combo + Awards a x3 multiplier.
Shape Color Combo + Awards a x6 multiplier.

Performing multiple combos in a row increases the total combo multiplier (shown below your score). All scores as they are received are multiplied with the combo multiplier. The total combo multiplier is reset when a pair of bricks not of the same color is destroyed, and when a bonus is collected. Since collecting a bonus resets the total combo multiplier you have to choose between collecting lots of bonus or building up a big combo multiplier!


From the game's main menu you can access the highscore list. The highscores list contains your local highscores. Whenever you achieve a highscore that ranks in at first place in your local highscore list you are given the option to submit the highscore to the Official Highscore List for Dwice Arcade and Dwice Quest. You need to have a working internet connection in order to submit highscores. Please note that you only have one chance to submit your new score to the Official High Score list, if you answer "No" when asked if to submit, you wont have a second chance to submit it.

You can reset the game's highscore list by clicking the "Reset High Scores" button, this will remove all scores in your game's local highscore list.

Ice blocks and bonuses

  • Bonuses are collected throughout the game by isolating a ice block containing a bonus. Some bonuses immediately take effect while others are collected and can be used later whenever you want.
  • Ice blocks come in many colors and shapes. Clicking two ice block of the same shape destroys the pair, if they're also of the same color you get more points.

"Dwice, dwice, dwice, with twice the ice."