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Manual for Alexey's Dwice

You'r reading the Dwice Manual.


Some bonuses take effect immediately, while others are collectable. The collectable bonuses can be used at any time you want by simply selecting the bonus's icon on the right side of the playfield. Remember, to get a bonus you can not simply destroy its ice block, you must instead isolate and melt the ice block containing the bonus.

Big Flame Big Fire Melts all visible ice blocks.
House House Repairs one destroyed house.
Quake Quake Shatters ice blocks into small pieces.
Multiplier Bonus Multiplier Timelimited x5 bonus multiplier. All scores will be multiplied by five for the duration of the bonus multiplier!
Speed Up Speed Up Increases the speed of the avalanche.
Speed Up Speed Down Slows down the avalanche.
Bomb Bomb Shatters ice blocks into small pieces when used. (Collectable)
Fireline Fireline Destroys ice blocks at the front of the avalanche when used. (Collectable)
Ice Axe Ice Axe Use the Ice Axe to destroy any one ice block of your choice. (Collectable)