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This is the online manual for WildSnake™ Pinball: INVASION 2.


They thought the invasion was over, they thought it had been stopped... they were wrong! The space pinball arena is back and the tournament to save the universe continues. And who is it as usual that has to step forward and take on the responsibility of defending the universe? You of course!


Destroy all the aliens on each level by hitting them with the balls or by throwing the enemies shots back at themselves. Catch enemy fire or it will eventually destroy your flippers!

Starting a new game

From the game's main menu select "new game", you'll be taken to the mission selection screen where you can choose which mission to begin play at and which difficulty level to play at.


There are five missions to complete, each mission consists of a series of levels you have to complete to reach the end of mission boss, if you manage to defeat the boss you'll progress to the next mission. Once you've completed the fifth and final boss you'll unlock the bonus levels! Please note that at the beginning of the game all missions but the first is grayed out in the game menu, as you complete a mission it will unlock the next mission so you don't have to start the game over from the first mission all the time.

Skill level

You can play the game in one of tree different skill levels, the game gets increasingly harder with each mode. But the challenge of playing becomes the great, plus you get more points for each hit in the harder modes.

  1. Easy
  2. Normal
  3. Hard

Saving and continuing a saved game

You can whenever you want quit your current game and have your progress saved, simply press the "Esc" key on your keyboard and from the in-game menu that appears, select "Quit to windows" or "Quit to menu". Your progress will automatically be saved and you'll later be able to continue playing at the same level with the same score, you'll have to start the last ball over again (and thus will loose any score accumulated during it), but other than that, everything will be the same. To continue your saved game, simply select "Continue last game" from the game's main menu, the next time you start the game.

Playing and scoring tips

  • Some enemies can only be hit when they are moving around or opening up to fire.
  • The enemies blockers will form arcs on the arena, these arcs act as the ramps and loops of real pinballs.
  • You get a time bonus for completing a level before the level's time limit expires. Collect time increase bonuses to increase the level time.
  • Collect as many extra life powerups as you can, you'll need them as the levels get increasingly difficult and challenging with each mission and level.
  • If you're flippers are broken, try going for the Safety Bumper powerup (only go for the Repair Pills as a second choice), it will not only activate the safety bumper between the flippers, it will completely restore them!
  • At most 5 different powerups/bonuses can appear on the arena at the same time, you must collect one of them or wait for one to disappear before a new one can appear.
  • Learn how to catch enemy shots on the easier levels! It's all about timing, raise the flipper as the enemy shot approaches, when you think the shot is just touching the flipper, release the flipper carefully and then flip again to fire it back. It's not easy, but practice makes perfect!

Bonus levels

The bonus levels become available once you've completed the fifth and final boss! Now's your chance to score!


From the game's main menu and the in-game menu you can access the options screen. The options sceen allows you to configure in game settings such as sound and graphics.


Effects Adjusts effects volume.
Music Adjusts music volume.


Resolution Select screen resolution.
Color depth Select screen color depth.
Display nudge Select whether to display game nudges or not.


Customize the default keyboard controls to your own liking.


From the game's main menu you can access the highscore list. The highscores list contains your local highscores. Whenever you achieve a highscore that ranks in at first place in your local highscore list you are given the option to submit the highscore to the Official Highscore List, you need to have a internet connection in order to submit highscores. Please note that you only have one chance to submit your new score to the Official High Score list, if you answer "No" when asked if to submit, you wont have a second chance to submit it.

You can reset the game's highscore list by clicking the "Reset High Scores" button, this will remove all scores in your game's local highscore list.

Aliens, bonuses and bosses

Learn more about the aliens, bonuses and bosses of INVASION 2!

  • Aliens and Targets are things you hit. Learn their weaknesses and strengths.
  • Bonus and Powerups are things you pick up, just for the fun of it, but they also gives you new strengths and abilities.
  • Bosses are your biggest fear, and them you cannot flee, so know them a hero must.

See you space tournament hero!