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This is the online manual for WildSnake™ Arcade: INVASION WAVES.


Destory all the aliens on every area by hitting them with balls or by shooting them with laser beams or rockets. Avoid enemy fire, it may destroy your paddle!


At the beginning of the game all waves but one are greyed out. When you complete the First Wave the Second Wave will unlock and so forth. You will have to Fight Back all the Invasion Waves to save the universe!

And if you thought you were done after having stopped the first 8 waves and saved the universe, guess again, you'll then have to survive the hardest wave of them all, the voyage home (watch our for space beasts)!


Use the mouse to move the paddle around. Try to learn how to twist the ball, you can get it to move in some pretty neat arcs! Click mouse to release hold of ball by Magno Paddle or fire laser beams or rocket.

Playing modes

You can play the game in one of five different playing modes, the game gets increasingly harder with each mode, beginner beeing the easiest mode and hero beeing the real challenge, crazy is just for the insane players!

  1. Beginner
  2. Normal
  3. Expert
  4. Hero
  5. Crazy


We wont reveal all the secrets of scoring, but here are some basic scoring rules:

  • During multiball score is doubled for all targets.
  • Got the nerves? Go for the ball speed-up's, the faster the ball moves the more score you get for each target you hit.
  • Selecting a more difficult playing mode means it's harder to play, but you'll also get more for each target you hit than in easier modes.

What does this all mean? Well, if you select the "Hero" or "Crazy" mode, go for the ball speed-up's and start a multiball you'll be raking in points, if you can stay alive!


The options screen allows you to configure in game settings such as sound and graphics.


Effects Adjusts effects volume.
Music Adjusts music volume.


Resolution Select screen resolution.
Color depth Select screen color depth.
Display nudge Select wheter to display game nudges or not.


The highscores list contains your highscores. Whenever you achieve a highscore that ranks in at first place in the highscore list you are given the option to submit the highscore to the Official Highscore List, you need to have a internet connection in order to submit highscores. Please note that you only have one chance to submit your new score to the Official High Score list, if you answer "No" when asked if to submit, you wont have a second chance to submit it.

You can reset the highscore list by clicking the "Reset High Scores" button, this will remove all scores in your highscore list.

Orbs, aliens, bonuses and bosses

Learn more about the orbs, aliens, bonuses and bosses of INVASION WAVES!

  • Orbs are glowing spheres of compressed energy. Your tool of the trade in the space arena. Learn their special abilities.
  • Aliens and Targets are things you hit with your orb. Learn their weaknesses and abilities.
  • Bonus and Powerups are things you pick up, some are good, some are bad, all are fun.
  • Bosses are big evil foes that you fight at special times in the story.

See you Space Cowboy...