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Manual for Wings of Wind

This is the online manual for Wings of Wind.

The world is full of beauty

Catch your own collection of beautiful butterflies! Welcome to Wings of Wind!

First time you start Wings of Wind

The first time you start Wings of Wind you'll be asked to enter your player name. All high scores you get will be shown using this name. You can always change your player name later.

Starting a new game

Simply click Play in the game's main menu.

Playing Wings of Wind

Your goal is to build up an as valuable butterfly collection as possible by catching butterflies of different types. You'll need to earn enough money each day to pay your land fee and in order to be able to travel to new locations.

Use the mouse to control your character.
Catch butterflies with the net, just get close enough to a butterfly for your character to be able to swing the net.
You can also click the left mouse button to jump over enemies and to catch a butterfly a bit away.
Avoid enemies and obstacles.
Touch bonuses to catch them.

Customer orders

During each day you'll have one or more customer orders to fulfill. Customers will appear as shown below in the order window from time to time, when you've completed an order you'll get a tip. When you reach your goal for the day you'll have some extra free time to catch butterflies for your own collection.

  • Day calendar The day calendar shows you the current day, there's over 40 days to complete!
  • Clock The clock shows the time remaining for the current day, as long as you're in the highlighted zone you're ok. You have to meet your goal for the day before the time runs out or you'll loose a life. The number of lives left are shown in the top right corner of the screen as a series of nets. Be quick!
  • Order window Customers will appear in the order window from time to time and place orders for butterflies they want you to catch, the order window shows which butterflies and how many of each type the customer wants you to catch as well as their patience level. The patience level is shown as a series of hearts, hurry up and catch all butterflies in the order before the customers patience runs out. You'll also get better tips the faster you are to complete an customer order.
  • Black board The black board shows how much cash you've earned today and how much you need to earn to complete the day
  • Basket The basket contains all butterflies you've caught for your own collection today. Whenever you have some free time in-between customer orders you can catch butterflies for your own collection.

Your collection

As you progress through the game you'll be able to catch butterflies for your own collection. If you're really good you'll have a complete collection at the end of the game! There are 42 types of butterflies you can catch for your collection. However the value of your collection increases the more butterflies you catch of each type.

Pausing the game

Simply click the right mouse button or the Esc key on your keyboard at any time during the game to pause it and bring up the in-game menu. If you play the game in windowed mode you can also click anywhere outside the game window to pause the game.

To continue the paused game select Continue from the in-game menu.

Saving a game in progress and continuing a saved game

If you choose to quit a game in progress your progress will automatically be saved. The next time you start a game you'll be given the option to continue your previous game.

To quit a game in progress click the right mouse button or the Esc key on your keyboard to bring up the in-game menu and from there choose to return to the main menu where you can quit the game. If you play the game in windowed mode you can quit the game by clicking the X icon in the upper right corner of the window.

Main Menu


Until you've registered the game an option named Register will also be shown in the game's main menu, selecting it allows you to register the demo version of the game and unlock the full version. Please see the Order Howto and the WildSnake Store for more information on ordering WildSnake Software games .


Selecting Scores in the main menu displays your local highscore list.


Selecting Options in the main menu (and in the in-game menu which is accessed by pressing the Esc key while playing a level) allows you to configure the following options:

Sound Volume

Music Adjusts music volume.
Effects Adjusts effects volume.

Graphics Options

Full Screen If checked, the game will run in full screen mode. If left unchecked the game will run in a window on your desktop. You can also press alt+enter at any time to switch between full screen and windowed mode.
Custom Cursors Uses a custom cursor instead of the standard windows cursor.
3D Accelerated Turns on off usage of your graphic card's 3D Acceleration.

Changing Players

Access the Select Player dialogue by clicking the text "Click to change player." found at the top of the game's main menu. Within the Select Player dialogue you can select which player is to be the active player as well as rename, add and delete existing players. To add a new player, simply click an <EMPTY> player and type in a name. Click the OK button when you are done.

The active player's name will be displayed at the top of the main menu. Scores and game progress will be saved for the active player.

Your collection

If you have a saved game in progress selecting Your collection will show you how many butterflies you've caught for your own collection.

In-game menu

To access the in-game menu press the right mouse button or the Esc key on your keyboard while playing a level. From the in-game menu you can view your collection, access the options menu or return to the main menu. To return to the current game from the in-game menu select Continue.


From the game's main menu you can access the highscore list. The highscores list contains your local highscores. Whenever you achieve a highscore that ranks in at first place in your local highscore list you are given the option to submit the highscore to the Official Highscore List for Wings of Wind. You need to have a working internet connection in order to submit highscores. Please note that you only have one chance to submit your new score to the Official High Score list, if you answer "No" when asked if to submit, you wont have a second chance to submit it.

You can reset the game's highscore list by clicking the "Reset High Scores" button, this will remove all scores in your game's local highscore list.


Money Money Increases your income.
Time Time Increases the time to fulfill the current order.
Shield Shield Protects your character from enemies.
Invisibility Invisibility Makes your character invisible to butterflies.
Speed Up Speed Up Lets your character move faster.
Slow Down Slow Down Decreases the speed of the butterflies.
Pointer Pointer Points to butterflies outside of the visible area.
Random Random Awards one of the different bonuses available.

Playing tips

  • Touch a bonus to catch it.
  • Beware of hedgehogs! You'll loose all butterflies you've caught for the current order if you step on a hedgehog.
  • Check the patience level displayed at the right of the customers. Customers go away if you don't fulfill their order in time.
  • All butterfly types have different value, some types are worth more than others. So be on the lookout for rare types when catching butterflies for your own collection.
  • Click the left mouse button to jump and catch distant butterflies or to jump over enemies.