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ZombieBall Manual

This is the online manual for WildSnake™ Arcade: ZombieBall.


Evil brough the dark to the Lands of Sunshine, beasties and monsters flooded the kingdom... only one here stood to fight them off! Pat Poe, the Sunny Prince set out to the Dark Forest to find the mythical weapon known as the ZombieBall!


Kill all the beasties on each level by hitting them with the zombieball, dropping them down or by shooting them with magical rays or cannon balls. You've saved the lands of sunshine once you've unlocked and completed all missions! But try and repeat it in the Hero difficulty mode if you can! Have fun!

Starting a new game

From the game's main menu select "new game", you'll be taken to the start game menu. First select the difficulty level and the game mode to begin playing! Once you have selected a game mode you'll be brought to the mission selection menu. In the beginning not all missions for the mode will be available, some will be locked. As you progress in the game more missions will unlock. Each mode conists of six missions.

Arcade Mode

The arcade mode offers up 100 levels of gaming goodness! All beasties on each level must be killed before you can progress to the next level!

Salvation Mode

This mode offers up a little bit of puzzling, you have to catch the beasties with your shield. And there is only a limited amount of beasties on each level, if you accidently kill one off there's even fewer, if you kill too many you have to start over again. Be careful and think your strategy through before breaking one to many bricks, if you can! The salvation mode consists of 100 special made levels, have fun!

Difficulty Level

You can play the game in one of tree different difficulty levels, the game gets increasingly harder with each level. But the challenge of playing becomes the great, plus you get more points for each hit in the harder modes.

  1. Baby! Recommended for beginners who have never played a game before or for those who like to take it slow.
  2. Warrior! The recommended game mode, it has just the right amount of challenge and speed to keep you on your edge throughout the game!
  3. Hero! Now this is just for Real heros! Give the Warrior mode a go first, only afterwards consider trying out the Hero mode!

Pausing the game

While a game is in progress you can hit the [Esc] key in the upper left corner of your keyboard. This will pause the game and bring up the in-game menu. Choose "Return to Game" from this menu when you are ready to continue playing (or just hit the [Esc] key a second time).

Saving a game in progress and continuing a saved game

You can whenever you want quit your current game and have your progress saved, simply press the "Esc" key on your keyboard and from the in-game menu that appears, select "Quit to windows" or "Quit to menu". Your progress will automatically be saved and you'll later be able to continue playing at the same level with the same score, you'll have to start the last ball over again (and thus will loose any score accumulated during it), but other than that, everything will be the same.

To continue your saved game, simply select "Continue last game" from the game's main menu, the next time you start the game (this option only appears when there's a saved game, the option appears above the normal new game option in the main menu).

Playing and scoring tips

  • Did you know that we give you 5 times more points for the bricks you have left on the playfield when you complete a level than those that you break before completition? How's that for a breakout game!
  • Knock holes in the floor when the beasties walk over it, this will cause them to fall down and gives you the oppertunity to catch them on your shield and get extra points! You'll get up to 5 times more points for a caught beastie than a hit one. Good for those who want to climb the highscore list!
  • Hit red/yellow/blue key switches to toggle doors on and off. For extra fun, time the unlocking so that there's a lot of beasties walking on a locked trapdoor when you open it, they get so surprised!
  • Collect magical coins, some are good some are bad. There's two coins that temporarily gives your shield the power to fire cannon balls and magical rays!

  • Beasties are worth varying amounts of points when hit, in general the more evil and difficult to hit the more the beastie is worth.
  • Beasties have a will of their own, throw things and fire at you, avoid their shots as your shield can only take a couple of hits!
  • Keep track of the zombieball, don't let it hover away or you'll have to use up an extra life to get it back.
  • Learn how to control the zombieball, you can get it to move in some quite fantastic patterns with a little practise. Try quickly sliding the shield (move the mouse quickly) to the left or right as the zombieball is about to touch the shield. It takes practice to get the hang of this manouver.


From the game's main menu and the in-game menu you can access the options screen. The options screen allows you to configure in game settings such as sound and graphics.


Music Adjusts music volume.
Effects Adjusts effects volume.
Voice Adjusts voice volume.


From the game's main menu you can access the highscore list. The highscores list contains your local highscores. Whenever you achieve a highscore that ranks in at first place in your local highscore list you are given the option to submit the highscore to the Official Highscore List for ZombieBall Arcade and ZombieBall Salvation highscores, you need to have a internet connection in order to submit highscores. Please note that you only have one chance to submit your new score to the Official High Score list, if you answer "No" when asked if to submit, you wont have a second chance to submit it.

You can reset the game's highscore list by clicking the "Reset High Scores" button, this will remove all scores in your game's local highscore list.

Beasties and Bonuses

Learn more about the beasties, bricks, targets and magical conins in ZombieBall!

  • Beasties are evil silly creatues you'll encounter during your adventure and that you must defeat! Learn their weaknesses and strengths!
  • Magical Coins and Other Things are useful to pick up along the way. Learn what they do.

Game Over

When this event occurs, just restart the game. Have Fun!

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They did the mash 
They did the mash"