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Interview with the WildSnake Pinball World Champion

"It has one of the best physics engines on the market.
The game style is also very attractive and unique."

A long time pinball fan Andreas Grabher, who recently managed the impossible feat of scoring 12 Golden Balls in the Soccer Stars golden ball bonus mode, which placed him at the top of the high score list, graciously agreed to answer some questions. WildSnake Software wishes to award its most extraordinary players and Andreas's award for his feat comes in the form of his country's flag on the playfield of Soccer Stars. A patch is available on the downloads page which will add the Austrian flag to the pinball's table.

Which are your most favorite pinball simulation games?
These are of course the Pro Pinball simulations. In this order: Timeshock! (in my opinion the best pinball ever), Big Race USA (very complex and the unique internet Head to Head mode), Fantastic Journey (best physics on the market).
What is your opinion about WildSnake Pinball: Soccer ***** in comparison with your all time favorites?
Well, it has one of the best physics engines on the market. The game style is also very attractive and unique (I think the most important thing). What I'm missing is any additional playing mode in the game (maybe any multiball mode) and a little more complex playfield (ramps...).
How much time was required to achieve such a great result in WildSnake Pinball: Soccer *****?
I don't know exactly but after 8 days I shot my first golden ball goal. I have only played a few hours a day, but I have collected many experience (5 years) with the Pro Pinball simulations which helped me a lot to survive against Soccer *****.
How much did you play the game each day?
Maybe 3 to 4 hours a day.
How long did the game where you scored your first Golden Ball last?
I would say it was about 2 up to 3 hours with some "breaks".
Please describe the next pinball from WildSnake Software you'd like to see. :-)
Very good question ;-) I'm living in Austria with many mountains and snow. So why don't you set up a "snowboard" theme. Maybe two snowboard drivers who race against each other. I would prefer again a head to head playfield (maybe also with the possiblity to play against other players over tcp/ip internet protocol). Playfield setup: some ramps, rails, half pipe, some "snow bumpers". Any drop targets where you can get better boards, earn speed, ... Something like this would be cool :-)

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