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Humourous monster hunting - WildSnake releases ZombieBall!


"Evil brought the dark to the Lands of Sunshine, beasties and monsters flooded the kingdom... only one hero stood to fight them off! Pat Poe, the Sunny Prince set out to the Dark Forest to find the mythical weapon known as the ZombieBall!"

The big red button has been pushed! WildSnake Software is happy to announce that our latest arcade game - ZombieBall - is now available for download! Meet Bub, the mostly headless zombie and the rest of the 13 beasties.

This a charming little monster hunting game. We're offering up two different playing modes, Arcade and Salvation. Hit the beasties or drop them down by destroying the floor beneath them, or take the challenge of Salvation where you have to figure out how to catch just enough beasties and not just kill them all off.

Happy monster hunting!