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WildSnake News: INVASION 2 - prepare for the return of the space pinball arena
March 3, 2005


We've been working hard for the last half of the year to deliver this surprise to you. So let's all shout a loud: Bah! Our bestseller now got a sequel. We are very happy to introduce you to the next title in our space pinball series, the sequel to our INAVSION pinball, it's WildSnake Pinball: INVASION 2. The first part was a really popular product, we hope you'll help make this one even more popular!

WildSnake™ Pinball: INVASION 2 - The space pinball arena is back

INVASION 2 - the return of space pinball arena

The incredible INVASION pinball returns in a glorious sequel. New battlefield layout with a pair of additional flippers! Five new missions with all new Evil Bosses and more than a 100 new levels! Only the spirit of great arcade gaming remains the same! Defend the universe and get it back under your control again! Strike back the second INVASION!

For those of you who have played our first INVASION pinball, we've prepared a list of new feaures in INVASION 2. This should help you easier get into the game and appreciate the fun aspects of the new design:

For a limited time, subscribers can use the following discount code WILD-SNKT-ITWO when ordering INVASION 2. The discount code is valid for the next 3 days and gives you a 20% discount on the original purchase price.

WildSnake Comics

WildSnake Comics Just imagine a snake, in a maze of walls, with tiny cube like rooms spread out along the way, add some evil bosses to that. What have you got? Well, it's not an invasion wave, it is however the life of Snakey in the corporate world!

Alexander Shen - a young and very talented comics artist - helps us to run a series about Snakey at wildsnake.com. Check out this week's comic at the comic page. A new comic every monday!

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