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Everybody Loves Tetris!
August 18, 2005


Summer - a time when everyone else has wonderful vacations, but developers stay at home and work hard on preparing fun news for their fans. We have been working very hard and have got some wonderful news for you!

WildSnake collaborates with Tetris creator!

WildSnake™ Software is excited to announce a collaboration agreement with Alexey Pajitnov, famed creator of Tetris®, game designer of Microsoft® Entertainment Pack: The Puzzle Collection, Pandora's Box, Hexic™ and other all time puzzle lover favorites. The genius game creator will, in the near future, design an exclusive lineup of games for WildSnake™ Software. The first game in the series is under development right now and will be announced soon.

WildSnake™ Software has in the past taken part in the development of Microsoft® Entertainment Pack: The Puzzle Collection and Microsoft® Pinball Arcade, and now looks forward towards again collaborating with one of the greatest game designers in the world.

Puzzle Fest!

While you are waiting for the first results of our collaboration with the man - Alexey Pajitnov - we'd like to to invite you to take a look at our very own attempts at the puzzle genre so far. This is a personal gift for all our newsletter subscribers. You get a time limited offer to order all four of our puzzle games for the price of one: 23.94$! Think we are kidding? Just for you - $55.86 off! The offer is limited and is only valid for the next two weeks.

Buy All 4 WildSnake Puzzles for the price of one NOW!

Pat Poe Adventures game series under development

Pat Poe, the Sunny PrinceLadies and Gentlemen please welcome, Patrick Poe! The main character in our upcoming arcade game series. Pat is the Sunny Prince who defends his land from hordes of different beasties. He will journey his way through the series of games and clean up his way to victory and freedom. The first game in the series is under development right now and scheduled for publishing at the end of September.

Meanwhile, you'r welcome to check out some specially prepared Pat Poe wallpapers.

We'd like to know your opinion about Pat. Please take part in our poll and tell us what you think of the character.

What do you think of Pat Poe?

What do you think of Pat Poe, the main character of our upcoming arcade game series! Pat the Sunny Prince who defends his lands from hordes of different beasties. Pat Poe, the Sunny Prince

Give your answer to the Pat Poe Poll online!

Introducing the "WildSnake Software presents" program!

This always happens some day in everyone's life. At some moment you understand that you'r OK, doing quite well by yourself, and feel a big wish to help other's. That's what's happened with our company. Many years ago we were looking at good games from other developers - this is part of our job really. And we decided that one day, why not present some of these games to our customers? That's how the "WildSnake Software presents" program was born. We hope you'll like it, and the games we present to you ofcourse!

WildSnake Software Presents: Xeno Assault II by Jagged Blade Software

WildSnake Software Presents

First in the new Wildsnake presents program is the space shooter Xeno Assault II by Jagged Blade Software.

Xeno II by Jagged Blade Software

Neil - the guy standing behind the company is a pretty nice person and a very good developer. The game is made in traditional style but has superb quality, fun graphics and music and looong-loong replayability. Check the demo version and you'll see what we mean.

Small warning: 3D video card is required to run this game properly on your Windows system. But this should by now not be any problem for most of us. Have a fun!