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Cute beasties for everyone!
Halloween Oct 30th, 2005


Halloween, a time for many of us to put on scream masks, zombie makeup or vampire teeths and journey out for candy goodness! Ofcourse, everyone thinks that on Halloween all the real beasties rest, but not so at WildSnake Software!

ZombieBall is our latest arcade game, and we are very proud to present it to you! It offers up a lot of fun monster hunting. So go hunt those cute beasties together with your kids! Happy Halloween!

WildSnake Arcade: ZombieBall


Beasties have invaded the world and it is up to Patrick Poe, the Sunny Prince, to save the Lands of Sunshine from a great evil.

Using Pat's shield and the ZombieBall you must battle your way through hordes of monsters, ranging from zombies to ghoulies and mummies.

WildSnake Software Presents: Cactus Bruce and the Corporate Monkeys

WildSnake Software Presents

Last months we fell in love with a fun game from Blue Tea Software called Cactus Bruce and the Corporate Monkeys. You'll take on the part of Cactus Bruce fighting back a series of mysterious monkey (yes, monkey) attacks, your weapon, your trusty old hook!

Cactus Bruce

The hook is controlled by Bruce and can be fired in any direction, your aim is to grab hold of the monkeys or the bricks or branches they sit on and drop them into the water! To his help he has plenty of friends who will come to his aid when he needs it!

If you give this game a try we believe it'll be at least one more hour of fun in your life!