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WildSnake Software Christmas Gifts
December 12th, 2005


The holidays are approaching, time for some relaxation, and what better way to relax than with some fun pinball playing or heroic monster hunting, or why not set out to save the galaxy from invading ants! So, from all of us to all of our beloved subscribers, here's a special holiday discount!

Welcome to the WildSnake Forums!

This year we're bringing a very special gift to all of our subscribers, we're opening up the WildSnake Forums!

In the forums you can meet up with other subscribers and have fun discussions with people that share your own interests in gaming, be it pinball, puzzle, arcade games or anything else! Naturally you can also ask us at WildSnake direct questions and we'll give direct answers back.

Visit the forums at www.wildsnake.com/forum/.

Discount WILD-74P3-GIFT - 30% off any games!

Why not take the chance and get yourself or someone you love a great gift for christmas! For the entire month and until January 15th you can purchase any game you want (and as many games you want!) at 30% off its regular price.

Pick games from our whole lineup! Either use the discount code WILD-74P3-GIFT when ordering or click one of the links below to directly order that game at the discounted price: