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The World Applauds Alexey's DWICE!
June 1st, 2006


We had our hopes held high, and our new puzzle DWICE designed by the Tetris creator is now our new success! Among other places, we've been mentioned in STERN. Thanks a lot to all our loyal and new customers for the support. We really appreciate your participation and help with putting WildSnake on the maps!

DWICE by Word of Mouth

Alexey's DWICE

People are talking about DWICE! Our new puzzle designed by the Tetris creator has received a number of positive reviews from different gaming sites:

"If you enjoyed Tetris you will enjoy Dwice." - VGameNews

"Dwice is a welcome chance that for me has proven to be far more addictive then Tetris ever was." - Game Plasma

"Clever puzzle with very simple gameplay mechanics. It's challenging and addictive... and the music is the kind that you can't get out of your head after five minutes. Puzzle enthusiasts shouldn’t miss out on this one." - GRRLGAMER

"Keine Frage: Spaß macht das Spiel auf jeden Fall." - STERN

Thanks to our fans around the world for your time and good will. You'r the best!!!
Please check all reviews at the Alexey's DWICE web page.

Cool Discounts for Hot Season

To celebrate our success with DWICE and to salute our latest newsletter subscribers we meet the Hot Season with cool deals! The first deal on our list is our all time favourite INVASION!

For an incredible 50% discount on INVASION use the discount code WILD-WSFL-HOT when you order.

The offer is valid until the 1st of July!