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Yes, we know! ;-)
We always choose fun dates for our announcements.
So why not to repeat this again!

We send warmest congratulations to our US friends with their Independence Day by publishing our new Blocky Towers game we developed exclusively for your iPhone.

Blocky Towers

Blocky™ game was played 70 million times.
It was highlighted as a casual game hit in media, including TV shows and your “METRO” newspaper. We bet you played a web version of the game on well-known game networks. And now you’ve got a chance to play a very special sequel developed exclusively for your iOS device.

Please welcome Blocky™ Towers!

Make smilies happy!
Build in the square world some of the most beautiful attractions. Let smilies live in the towers of their dream!

Hurry up! Settle smilies in every block on each level of 7 different towers.

Compete with other players around the world for the best results.



If you live on another side of Game Universe and got no any communications in the latest a couple years there is the link to our best iPhone game so far. ;-)

Hope you'll enjoy it as anyone else and share it on your side of Universe.. :-)