WildSnake Software


WildSnake Software released two new iOS games designed by puzzle guru Alexey Pajitnov - the genius who invented the original Tetris.

Please welcome'n'enjoy!


Dwice icon

Dwice™ – a brand-new arcade game from Tetris inventor.
Enjoy the vintage taste of a real arcade in the modern-era-multi-touch glass!

Simple and original gameplay is based upon the newest features of multi-touch mobiles and designed right for your iOS device.
- Protect your city from hordes of Battle Shapes;
- Drag alike Battle Shapes to make them collide and disappear;
- Build chains for higher scores - hold the first shape and collide it with alike ones;
- Use multi-touch to beat everyone!

Video of gameplay with multi-touch active: http://youtu.be/1G7iVtdrjjE



Marbly icon

Alexey’s Challenge: Marbly ™ is easy to get but tricky to master real-puzzle game.

Move the marbles to build a line of three or more matching marbles at every go. Remove all marbles from the board to solve a puzzle.

Play FREE set of puzzles.

- 180+ unique puzzles exclusively braincrafted for you by Mr. Tetris;
- series of Daily, Time, Moves, Score and Golden challenges;
- Game Center high score competitions and achievements.

Marbly™ makes losing your marbles so much fun! Play now and enjoy forever!